Machine safety: Feedback at a lower cost

Lenze’s safety module for resolvers is ready for launch



Safety-oriented motor feedback with simple resolvers: Lenze is set to offer this low-cost and, above all, robust solution for the Servo Drives 9400 series. It takes the form of the pluggable SM301 safety module. This innovative solution has laid the foundation for combining the advantages of drive-based safety with cost-effective feedback systems.


Previously the norm in this area was the use of Sin/Cos encoders, which are both expensive and delicate. With the new version of the SM301, it will be possible to choose a feedback system based primarily on the functionality it provides. The special requirements of safety technology will therefore no longer be the deciding factor. During product development, Lenze has integrated a ramp monitor into the SM301 that covers the safety functions Safe Stop 1 and 2. Further functions of the module for the Lenze servo drive include safely limited increment (new), an operation mode selector with enable switch, safe dual-channel inputs/outputs and optional PROFIsafe via PROFIBUS or PROFINET.