PLC Designer 3 - Much more than just IEC- 61131-3 programming

New software release of the Lenze engineering environment provides a quantum leap in engineering automation solutions


A new version of Lenze software PLC Designer gives a healthy productivity boost in engineering. This has been achieved by completely revising the engineering environment and integrating version 3 of CoDeSys. Lenze has also taken the opportunity offered by the new CoDeSys, with its object orientation and plug-in-technology, to optimise and extend the standard system, as well as to secure reliable continuous operation in automation systems.


The step up to PLC Designer 3 gives numerous innovations that allow codes to be created and reused more quickly, software to be modularised more easily and complex automation systems to be created with a single tool.


This means that multiple controls can now be integrated in a project and communication between them debugged. In addition to this, multiple applications can be executed on a single piece of target hardware. The Lenze I/O system 1000 is also fully integrated into the environment. The individual I/O modules can be added directly in PLC Designer's project tree and their parameters can be set intuitively using dedicated user interfaces.


For motion control applications, PLC Designer contains libraries with certified motion modules in line with PLCopen Part I and II. Also it holds functions for implementation of electronic cams, electronic cam groups or a 3D-NC / robot control system.


Support for object-oriented programming also offers a healthy productivity boost. This simplifies the reuse and extension of existing program parts. However, nobody is forced to use this programming method, as the option to continue using the languages of IEC 61131-3 (AWL, KOP, FUP, ST, CFC, AS) remains intact.


The powerful features of PLC Designer 3, in combination with the perfectly matched hardware systems such as the brand new L-force Controller 3200 C range of controllers and the I/O system 1000, provide the ideal platform for efficient implementation of simple yet comprehensive automation tasks.