OMRON to Release XF3E Backlock Multipole FPC Connector with 0.3 mm Pitch, 1.1 mm Height, and the Industry's Largest Pin Count

OMRON Corporation announced plans to release the XF3E, a 1.1 mm-high FPC (flexible printed circuit) connector with a pitch of 0.3 mm and 90 pins - the largest pin count of its kind - on July 30, 2010. FPC connectors are used in a wide range of digital devices, including smartphones, mobile phones, PCs, optical disk drives, and LCD projectors.



Development Background

With the recent increases in the amount of information transmitted within digital devices, demand is increasing for multipole FPC connectors. In particular, the incorporation of an increasing number of functions into touch panel-equipped mobile devices will increase signal lines, and this is expected to result in a growing need for connectors with higher pin counts.


Demand is growing for high pin-count FPC connectors that have low-profile configurations that cater to the trend toward smaller and slimmer devices, and those that feature highly impact-resistant backlock mechanisms that are better able to withstand use in mobile devices. OMRON's new XF3E FPC connector was developed to meet all of these varied needs simultaneously.



The XF3E FPC connector manages to accommodate 90 pins despite its small size, with a pitch of 0.3 mm, a height of 1.1 mm, and a depth of 4.3mm (when the slider is locked).

  • A lower-profile, smaller footprint design has been achieved while incorporating a backlock mechanism.
  • The double-sided (upper and lower) contact point structure accepts any FPC insertion direction for increased freedom in device design.
  • The connector is environmentally friendly as it can be used with halogen-free components.