Omron H3DEZ Solid State Timers


Omron recently expanded its range of high quality timers with the launch of H3DEZ Solid State Timers. This 22.5mm width timer can operate with different power supply voltage range from 24 to 240 VAC/DC.



The H3DEZ series consist of 2 models:

  1. H3DEZ-A On-delay Timer, available with SPDT/DPDT and suitable for a time range of 0.1s to 120 Hrs,
  2. b) H3DEZ-G Star-delta Timer with star time range upto 120s and transfer time range upto 0.5s.


Both H3DEZ-A and H3DEZ-G timers conform to international industrial standards such as CE, IEC-600947-5-1 and EN61812-1 requirements thus you can be assured of the best quality performance and reliability for your applications.