Lenze coats Geared Motors with OKS

Lenze Americas announced an OKS Coating for its geared motors and gearboxes for the packaging market. The metallic coating provides superior surface and corrosion protection that withstands extremely harsh ambient conditions.


Environmental factors including UV rays, temperature, humidity, salt-spray, oil, solvents, fuel and acids can cause corrosion on motor surfaces and wear down components. To ensure long-term and reliable operation of geared motors and three-phase AC motors under extreme applications, Lenze offers a scalable solution with OKS Coatings. These coatings can be applied to the motor and/or components depending upon the degree of protection required in the end-user application. OKS-G (primed) and OKS-S (standard paint) coatings provide protection in indoor installations in heated rooms with air humidity up to 90%. The OKS-M application-optimized paint is for use in indoor installations in unheated rooms or in a protected outdoor installation with air humidity up to 95%. The OKS-L paint will withstand outdoor installation and air humidity exceeding 95%.


Tested in accordance with DIN 50017 (Condensation Water) and DIN 50021 (Salt-Spray), the OKS surface coatings exhibited 240 – 400 hour durability in condensation tests and 150 – 200 hour durability in salt-spray tests.