Inverter Drives 8400 go servo

Lenze extends its range of frequency inverters



BaseLine, StateLine, HighLine – and now also TopLine. The fourth stage of Lenze's Inverter Drives 8400 range celebrated its premiere at the SPS/IPC/Drives fair in Nuremberg in November 2010.


With the new product, the specialist in drive and automation technology has narrowed the gap between frequency and servo inverters even further. Permanently excited synchronous servo motors can be operated with the 8400 TopLine in the power range from 0.55 kW to 2.2 kW/230 V and 0.37 kW to 45 kW/400 V. The devices are supplied with a corresponding control system and are equipped with interfaces for incremental and absolute value encoders (single and multiturn). Alongside HTL encoders, resolvers and optionally TTL, SinCos and SSI encoders can also be evaluated.


The Inverter Drives 8400 TopLine products complete the consistently scaled Lenze modular drive system, which now opens up the field for applications previously the sole domain of servo drives. These include positioning duties with strict requirements in terms of dynamics and precision, such as those typically found in hoists, fork drives, storage and retrieval units or simple pick-and-place applications. The precisely tailored drive system is rounded off perfectly by prepared system cables, motors, gearboxes, feedback and brakes.


From an energy efficiency perspective, the Inverter Drives 8400 impress with their VFC eco mode. From StateLine up, this mode intelligently adapts the magnetising current to the actual load requirements, thereby reducing losses and saving electrical energy. Particularly in partial load operation, three-phase AC motors are still powered by a higher magnetising current than the operating conditions actually require. With the VFC eco mode, Lenze has succeeded in developing an intelligent concept that protects the environment, while at the same time reduces costs – a truly "blue-green solution".