High-speed Automated X-Ray Inspection System - VT-X700

Inspects the soldering for BGA and other bottom-side terminal components. Uses x-ray CT, making it ideal for solder joints.


High-precision X-Ray CT imaging

Angled 3D CT imaging and specially designed inspection algorithms allow automated inspection that is both fast and accurate.

The combination of CT imaging and Omron's inspection algorithms allows the creation of detailed inspection standards with specificity in terms of separation in inspected cross-sections. In production environments with clear pass/fail criteria, this eliminates false fails and overlooked defects.


Among the fastest in the SMT industry

High-speed inspection based on efficient x-ray inspection techniques

To make inline inspection viable, we placed the emphasis on speed. With rates as fast as 20 seconds for a 15 x 15 mm BGA component, we were able to achieve fully automated inline inspections with no impact on throughput.


User-friendly GUI allows visual inspection of all items

Simplifies pass/fail decision -making for non-visible areas of components, too.

Our highly rated GUI makes it easy to check, set up and use the inspection system, even when establishing pass/fail criteria or checking inspection results for non-visible areas such as solder joint points on BGA components. It's ready to use from day one.