Universal Robots Academy Has Empowered More Than 200,000 People to Use Collaborative Robotics

August 24, 2023 - Universal Robots, the esteemed leader in collaborative robotics, has been a trailblazer since 2016, offering comprehensive robotics training to its customers and individuals keen on exploring the realm of collaborative robots (cobots). With an undeniable surge in popularity over recent years and boasting an impressive network of 119 on-site training centers worldwide, the Universal Robots Academy proudly announces that it has surpassed a remarkable milestone, with over 200,000 fervent robotics aficionados having eagerly enrolled.

Mikkel Vahl, the adept Global Head of Academy and Education, expressed his exhilaration at the overwhelming global participation: "It is amazing to see that so many robotics enthusiasts from all over the world have joined us to enhance their robotic skills and benefit from the training we offer. We're a company on a mission - automation for anyone, anywhere. A key part of this is providing our customers and robotics enthusiasts with high-quality training that gives them the skills they need to unleash the full potential of their cobots."

Spanning a diverse clientele, ranging from colossal multinational corporations to humble family-owned businesses, Universal Robots facilitates the automation of tasks spanning from intricate bin picking to robust heavy-load palletizing and ship welding. This spectrum of possibilities finds a perfect reflection in the Universal Robots Academy, which offers various courses - ranging from immersive in-person classroom sessions to the convenience of free virtual e-learning modules.

Vahl emphasizes the tangible link between training and triumph: "No matter the task or the size of your company, you can find relevant training to help you become even more successful with your automation. And we can see it works - customers who take training with us are ultimately more successful and confident."

The reason for this success, according to Vahl, is simple: "Compared to other industrial robots, cobots are simpler to program and operate. But no matter if you are an application engineer, a robotics expert, or new to robotics, you will benefit from instructor-led training."

Among the beneficiaries of the Academy's transformative learning is Jon Gelston, the visionary behind Colorado-based injection molding company Aim Processing. Gelston, despite minimal exposure to robot programming, harnessed the resources available through the UR Academy's free online segment. "By utilizing the resources in the UR training database and support site, as well as the Universal Robots' community of value-added resellers and add-on components, it really enabled that project to come to a great success."

The reach of UR Academy extends across more than 130 countries, with participants engaging in free online courses or immersing themselves in virtual or in-person robotics training led by proficient specialists from Universal Robots or Authorized Training Partners. The North American continent alone boasts 28 authorized training centers offering in-person robotics training.

As the dynamic world of robotics advances, the Universal Robots Academy keeps pace, poised to unveil a captivating array of enhancements in the near future. Among the eagerly anticipated offerings are fresh e-learning modules, including UR20 e-learning, designed to guide customers through the setup and programming of Universal Robots' latest cobot. Furthermore, forthcoming additions include risk assessment e-learning, a comprehensive palletizing learning path, and an upgraded simulator, all set to enrich the UR Academy's offerings in the latter part of 2023 and into 2024.