Industrial Ethernet: “Compact” Bus Coupler for Bus Terminal system



Cost-effective EtherNet/IP Bus Coupler in a compact design



"Compact" series Bus Couplers from Beckhoff have been supplemented with the new BK9055 for EtherNet/IP. The BK9055 couples EtherNet/IP with the modular Beckhoff Bus Terminal system, which offers over 400 different signal types. The "Compact" Bus Coupler series is characterised by slim housings and cost-optimised design.


The BK9055 "Compact" Bus Coupler allows the inexpensive connection of the Beckhoff I/O system to EtherNet/IP networks. The BK9055 is software-compatible to the BK9105 EtherNet/IP Bus Coupler from Beckhoff, which unlike the "Compact" version has a second RJ 45 port (2-channel switch). Therefore, the I/O stations can be configured with a line topology, instead of the classic star topology.


For use in industrial Ethernet systems, the "Compact" Bus Couplers are also available for PROFINET (BK9053) and Ethernet (BK9050). In addition to Ethernet TCP/IP, the BK9050 also supports Modbus TCP as well as cyclic data exchange in accordance with the EtherCAT Automation Protocol (EAP).