New Power Selector Switch Adds Potential for Significant Capital Savings

Adds flexibility, redundancy and can save energy too!


A new product from Control Techniques has the potential to cut capital costs on control systems, whilst adding flexibility of operation, the possibilities for added redundancy at reduced cost and can even improve operating efficiency to cut energy costs too!


Originally designed for the crane industry, with the objective of eliminating the need for a separate hoist drive, the Control Techniques SPM Power Selector Switch is the ideal tool enabling designers to add versatility to test rigs or process equipment, enabling operation over a wide power range, selecting appropriate modules to match the power requirement of any task – and improving operational efficiency too.  It can also be used to provide continuous operation in the event of a fault, giving system redundancy for critical operations.


The SPM Power Selector Module, used in conjunction with the Control Techniques’ range of modular Unidrive SPM AC drives, is a multi-way switch for the drive control cables, with relay outputs to power contactors, enabling the automatic connection and disconnection of Unidrive SPM modules in a parallel drive system.


In a gantry crane, for example, with dual long-travel motors and a main hoist, just two drives could be used instead of three – the drives being switched between travel and hoist duty - giving a major saving on the control system.  The power range can be expanded using the same technique – up to 10 modules – again eliminating the need for a separate hoist drive