Planetary Gear Units



FLENDER Planetary gear unit series for horizontal and vertical installation


This series includes more than 27 sizes. The gear units comprise two or three planetary gear stages which can be combined with different primary gear stages. Primary gear stages can either be helical or bevel gear stages or a combination of bevel and helical gear stage.


Operating range





Power rating

30 up to 13,000


Torque rating

22,000 up to 2,600,000


Transmission ratio

25 up to 4,000




  • Modular construction system = Multi-purpose use of the housings and internal components
  • Optimum load distribution between the planetary gears, among other things owing to high manufacturing accuracy and Finite-Element-calculation method (FEM calculation) of the planetary carrier
  • Three or four planetary gears



  • Output shaft as hollow or solid shaft
  • Hollow shaft for shrink disk or with involute splines
  • Solid shaft with parallel key or involute splines
  • Input shaft with parallel key
  • Input and output shaft sealed by means of radial shaft seals; can be combined with primary refillable labyrinth
  • Input shaft with reinforced bearing
  • Bearing of main planetary gear stage in standard or reinforced design
  • Output can be combined with a short or long drive shaft and mounted pinion for use as gear unit in a slewing gear drive


Examples of Application

  • Roller press drives
  • Slewing gear drives
  • Bucket wheel drives
  • Apron conveyor drives
  • Separator drives
  • Agitator drives
  • Travelling gear drives
  • Steel band rolling mill drives
  • Rotary kiln drive