PC Fieldbus Cards: PROFIBUS PCI Express cards with flexible NOVRAM memory module

The FC3121 and FC3122 PROFIBUS PC Fieldbus Cards have a PCI Express interface, enabling the transmission of larger quantities of data. This new Beckhoff fieldbus card generation can optionally be equipped with NOVRAM cards for the fail-safe storage of data.

FC3121, FC3122 | PCIe PROFIBUS

PCI Express: no limits for PROFIBUS process data

The PC Fieldbus Cards from the FC312x series for PROFIBUS enable connection via the PCI Express interface. In contrast to PCI, PCI Express accommodates a considerably higher quantity of data, so that the complete number of process data defined by the PROFIBUS specification can be exhausted. Up to 30 kB of PROFIBUS input and output data are transmitted per channel. The fieldbus cards can be used as single-channel (FC3131) or dual-channel (FC3122) PROFIBUS masters or slaves. In dual-channel mode, the two channels act independently of each other.

The fieldbus cards can also optionally be equipped with the FC600x NOVRAM cards. The secured data can be transmitted to another fieldbus card with this memory module, thus ensuring high availability of the machine or plant controller. The NOVRAM cards, with memory capacities of 128, 256 or 512 kB, are of the plug-in type and can be retrofitted.