Belt conveyor TB30: first-class quality at economy prices

The new belts with attractive pricing TB30 feature drives with optimal efficiency levels and are more efficient than the current belt conveyors by Montech. Their distinctive feature is higher power density with lower energy consumption.

The TB30 belt conveyor drive can be moved from the end to the middle of the unit, and vice versa, without changing the belt. With the same chassis width, the belt has a wider useful surface; the belt can be easily replaced without dismantling the side sheet metal enclosures.
TB30 is available in 45, 60, 80, 105, 140, 185 and 250 mm chassis widths, with maximum length up to 10 m. Another new feature is the nose bar with 20 mm diameter.

With their modular construction, TB30 belt conveyors can be extended or shortened easily and cost-effectively, adapting to any customer-specific transport solution.

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50 years with Montech: 1964 to 1973

In 1964, in Solothurn, Ermano Tech AG was established for the construction of equipment for the watch industry; later on, the company was re-incorporated as Montech AG. The first product of the young enterprise was Ratiomatic 1, followed by models Ratiomatic 1A (in production until 1978) and Ratiomatic 5 (in production until 1983).

For the watch industry, in 1967 the company developed a slide for the Ratiomatic system with a modular construction consisting of 18 components. Two years later, the first pneumatic slides were launched. In 1972, the slide was designed for universal applications with different stroke lengths; it was manufactured until 1983.

In 1972, gripper GZ1 was the first bar gripper to be introduced. In the in-house developed cylinder, the bar is pressed down mechanically and stretches a spiral spring, opening the gripper. The spring return strength is enough to close the gripper. The current precision parallel gripper GPP is a development of the subsequent model GZ4/7.

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