IA-Community at MetalTech / Automex 2023 Continues to Inspire Collaboration and Excitement for the Future of Industrial Automation

Kuala Lumpur, 2nd June 2023: IA-Community (powered by catTHIS) at MetalTech / Automex 2023 continues to garner immense interest and engagement from industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts. With each passing day, the momentum builds, and the collaborations for the highly anticipated IA-Community Machine Builders Village in 2024 soar to new heights.

The Village has become a focal point for showcasing cutting-edge technologies and advancements in the industrial automation sector. Renowned machine builders and systems integrators are coming together to create a truly immersive experience, where visitors can witness the future of autonomous and cloud manufacturing systems in action.

The IA-Community Machine Builders Village offers a comprehensive platform for top industry players to showcase their innovative solutions, demonstrate the seamless integration of industrial automation systems, and highlight the exceptional capabilities of various components and technologies.

The collaboration and enthusiasm among industry leaders participating in the IA-Community Machine Builders Village underscore the significance of this event as a catalyst for knowledge sharing, networking, and business opportunities. It serves as a testament to the pivotal role that IA-Community plays in fostering growth and innovation in the industrial automation industry.

IA-Community is thrilled to witness the resounding success of MetalTech / Automex 2023 and the overwhelming response to the IA-Community Machine Builders Village. The stage is set for an extraordinary showcase in 2024, where industry professionals can explore groundbreaking technologies, forge valuable partnerships, and gain insights into the latest trends shaping the future of industrial automation.

As the event progresses, IA-Community remains committed to delivering exceptional coverage, updates, and highlights through its media channels, ensuring that the wider industrial automation community stays connected and informed about the advancements showcased at MetalTech / Automex 2023. "Together, we are shaping the future of industrial automation", said Dr (h.c.) Benny Yeo, the visionary founder of IA-Community.