IA-Community Relaunches to Empower the Industrial Automation Industry, Celebrates Success at MetalTech / Automex 2023

Kuala Lumpur, 5th June 2023: IA-Community, the leading online portal and resource center for the industrial automation industry, is excited to announce its relaunch, marking a new era of growth and collaboration within the sector. With a renewed vision and enhanced offerings, IA-Community is poised to empower industry players and drive innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Since its inception, IA-Community has been at the forefront of promoting the industrial automation industry, providing a comprehensive platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and access to cutting-edge technologies. With the relaunch, IA-Community aims to build on its legacy and continue its mission of advancing the field of industrial automation.

Central to the relaunch is the IA-Community Machine Builders Village, an iconic program that showcases cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and strategic partnerships. IA-Community Machine Builders Village will once again take center stage, captivating industry professionals and enthusiasts at MetalTech / Automex 2024. Attendees can expect an awe-inspiring display of the latest automation systems, parts, and components, showcasing the transformative potential of advanced manufacturing.

However, the IA-Community Machine Builders Village is just one of the many exciting programs under IA-Community's umbrella. IA-Community offers a diverse range of activities and events, including Meet & Mingle Sessions, Factory Visits, Bowling Tournaments, Golf Tournaments, and the IA Summit, providing unique experiences and valuable opportunities for industry professionals to connect, learn, and grow.

IA-Community is also proud to introduce C21TV, its dedicated video production team. C21TV will provide a weekly news reporting service through video, delivering up-to-date information and insights from industry experts. With C21TV, IA-Community enhances its commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and providing valuable resources.

"We are thrilled to relaunch IA-Community, reaffirming our dedication to the industrial automation industry," said Dr. (h.c.) Benny Yeo, the visionary founder of IA-Community. "Our goal is to empower industry professionals and create a vibrant ecosystem that fosters innovation, collaboration, and growth. Through our online portal and dedicated video production team, C21TV, we aim to shape the future of industrial automation."

MetalTech / Automex 2023, held from 31st May to 3rd June 2023, served as a pivotal platform for IA-Community to engage with industry professionals, manufacturers, and technology enthusiasts. The exhibition witnessed a remarkable turnout and showcased the immense potential of the industrial automation sector.

IA-Community's presence at MetalTech / Automex 2023 garnered significant attention and enthusiasm from attendees. The booth became a hub of activity, drawing in a multitude of visitors who were eager to explore the cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions on display. IA-Community's commitment to driving industry growth and fostering collaboration was met with great enthusiasm and appreciation.

The success at MetalTech / Automex 2023 further solidified IA-Community's position as a trusted and influential platform in the industrial automation sector. As IA-Community looks towards the future, it remains committed to driving industry excellence, fostering collaboration, and empowering stakeholders in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With the upcoming MetalTech / Automex 2024 on the horizon, IA-Community is gearing up to make a grand return and present the highly anticipated IA-Community Machine Builders Village, along with a host of other engaging programs and resources. Attendees can expect an extraordinary showcase of advanced manufacturing technologies, strategic collaborations, and unparalleled innovation. This program will undoubtedly reshape the future of the industrial automation industry.

IA-Community extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees, partners, and industry stakeholders who contributed to the resounding success of MetalTech / Automex 2023. The overwhelming response received during the event further strengthens IA-Community's commitment to providing valuable resources and opportunities for industry professionals.

MetalTech / Automex 2024 presents an unparalleled opportunity to explore the latest trends, forge valuable connections, and embark on a transformative journey within the industrial automation industry. IA-Community invites all industry players, machine builders, system integrators, and automation enthusiasts to join them at MetalTech / Automex 2024 and be a part of the relaunch. Experience the transformative power of industrial automation and unlock new possibilities for your business.

About IA-Community:
IA-Community is the leading online portal and resource center for the industrial automation industry. With a focus on networking, knowledge-sharing, and cutting-edge technologies, IA-Community is dedicated to empowering industry players and shaping the future of industrial automation. From the IA-Community Meet & Mingle Sessions, IA-Community Machine Builders Village, Factory Visits, Bowling Tournaments, Golf Tournaments, the IA Summit, and the collaboration with C21TV, IA-Community offers a diverse range of programs and resources that provide unique experiences and valuable opportunities for industry professionals.