ABB supports innovative bioplastics project as main electrical contractor for Avantium and Worley

Avantium, a leader in the emerging field of renewable and sustainable chemicals, is constructing a cutting-edge facility in Delfzijl, The Netherlands. This state-of-the-art plant signifies a significant step in replacing traditional fossil-based plastics with environmentally friendly alternatives. The facility will harness innovative technology to transform plant sugars into a groundbreaking plastic material known as polyethylene furanoate (PEF).

PEF represents a groundbreaking recyclable and plant-based plastic material poised to offer a powerful combination of ecological benefits and top-notch performance characteristics. This versatile material can find applications in packaging, textiles, films, and various other sectors. The commencement of construction at Avantium's new site took place in April 2022, and the project is expected to wrap up in 2024, paving the way for the commercial introduction of PEF products in 2024 and beyond.

To support this ambitious undertaking, ABB has been selected as the principal electrical contractor (MEC) by Worley and Avantium. ABB's role encompasses a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Electrical design, including system dimensioning and network analysis
  • eHouses, which offer advantages over fixed concrete substation buildings making them highly flexible to handle future scale-ups and configurations
  • Frequency converters, batteries, low and medium voltage switchgears
  • Distribution transformers, placed outside the eHouses
  • Commissioning of the delivered equipment

The utilization of ABB's eHouse solution significantly streamlines the assembly and testing processes within the production facility, substantially reducing the time required for on-site installation and commissioning. 

Furthermore, ABB's eHouses mitigate the risks associated with cost overruns, execution complications, and project schedule delays.

Hans-Jochem de Kleijn, the project manager for FDCA Flagship-Project Mondego–Renewable Polymers at Avantium, expressed confidence in ABB's selection, citing ABB's demonstrated expertise in advanced electrical systems, an extensive portfolio of high-quality electrical products, and a successful track record in containerized solutions as pivotal factors in their choice for this project.

During the project's initial stages, ABB provided valuable proactive consulting services to Worley, contributing to technical enhancements and risk reduction. This collaborative effort aims to provide Avantium with a dependable power distribution system to operate its renewable bioplastic plant, emphasizing the commitment to delivering top-tier quality.