Comau Elevates Stellantis Automotive Plant with Advanced Automation for SUV Production

In a significant move towards enhancing automotive manufacturing, Comau has unveiled its state-of-the-art automation solutions at the Stellantis Automotive Plant located in Betim - Minas Gerais. This initiative is part of a broader retooling project aimed at producing the Fiat Pulse, Brazil's premier SUV model, and the Fiat Fastback, the brand's inaugural SUV Coupe tailored for the local market.


The project's core objective was to revamp an existing manufacturing platform, enabling the simultaneous production of two distinct SUV models on a unified line. Comau's approach was rooted in addressing the client's specific requirements. By harnessing its vast expertise across various engineering domains, Comau integrated 74 automatic and 10 manual stations, all equipped with cutting-edge vision systems, digital applications, and turn-key equipment. The emphasis was on ensuring impeccable geometry precision and welding accuracy for the vehicle's underbody and sides.


Comau's use of Virtual Commissioning and process simulation was a standout feature of this project. This allowed for optimizing intricate welding lines, enabling the team to test their functionality before the actual commissioning. Such a strategy proved invaluable in preempting potential challenges related to robot sequencing and robot-PLC communication. By creating a virtual replica of the plant, Comau and Stellantis engineers could pinpoint areas of improvement, refine process monitoring, and maximize the utility of the legacy plant equipment.


The project also embraced the principles of Industry 4.0, deploying IO-Link technology to monitor essential utilities like water and compressed air. This ensured real-time data analysis swift issue detection, and facilitated remote configuration and monitoring. The integration of PLC software further optimized maintenance activities, enhancing the overall reliability of the production line.


Safety and flexibility stood as the twin pillars of this endeavor. The manufacturing line was meticulously designed to minimize tool change processes, reducing commissioning time and interventions. This strategic move ensures that Stellantis can manage its multi-model manufacturing requirements seamlessly and cost-effectively.


Glauber Fullana, the manufacturing vice-president for Stellantis South America, lauded Comau's efforts, stating, "This project, integral to our Industry 4.0 strategy, has endowed us with enhanced agility and the flexibility to produce varied versions and models on identical lines." Laerte Scarpitta, Comau's Leader for the Americas, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing Comau's unwavering commitment to technological innovation.


With a five-year legacy, Comau, a Stellantis member, is a global frontrunner in delivering avant-garde industrial automation solutions. The company's offerings range from electric, hybrid, and traditional vehicle manufacturing systems to industrial robots, collaborative robotics, and interconnected digital services.


About Comau:

Comau is a leading company in the industrial automation field at a global level. With its roots deeply embedded in innovative engineering solutions, Comau seamlessly blends user-friendly, open automation with cutting-edge enabling technologies. This unique approach empowers businesses of all scales and across diverse industrial sectors to harness the transformative power of digital manufacturing. Comau's prowess is a testament to its five-decade-long journey in the field, further amplified by its robust presence across all major industrial nations.