ABB launches Real Progress campaign to accelerate global sustainability

ABB has today launched its new global sustainability initiative, showcasing the power of technology and expertise to accelerate sustainability while enhancing productivity. ABB’s Real Progress campaign is a rallying call to customers, partners and suppliers, inspiring them to harness technology leadership and the solutions that exist today to amplify their own impact across process industries such as mining, metals and pulp and paper.

For more than 130 years, the technology leader has been embedded in industries where emissions are hard to abate and where alternative solutions are either unavailable or difficult to practically implement. Today, ABB is combatting many changes happening in the world, such as rising emissions, water and energy scarcity and workforce skills challenges. The company is showing that the power of bold ideas and pioneering technologies can overcome these challenges, step by step, together with the wider industrial and societal ecosystem.

The decarbonization challenge unites the mining, metals and pulp and paper industries with leadership teams striving to meet increasing market demand with a more rapid increase in energy and resource efficiency to reach their committed sustainability targets such as more carbon-neutral operations. Across these vital process industries, there is a growing recognition that automation, electrification and digitalization are essential components of their journey towards meeting climate targets set out by businesses, legislation, governments and international agreements over the next 25 years and beyond.

“The journey toward sustainability isn't a gradual progression; it's a bold transformation. The actions and decisions we take today, together with every innovation we embrace, are powerful steps towards a sustainable future, and we're unapologetically leading the charge,” said Joachim Braun, Division President, ABB Process Industries. “Every day, ABB is working side by side with customers in their mines, their mills and their plants, to provide complete technology solutions with automation, electrification and digitalization to radically reduce emissions and energy use. Together with our great network of partners, we are proud of driving real progress in sustainability, but we know that more can and must be done. We’re part of the journey and commit to making real progress always.”

In the metals industries, ABB is committed to enabling customers to use less energy and raw materials when producing steel and aluminum through advanced automation and electrification systems, combined with industry-specific equipment and digitalization, across plants. One solution that brings autonomous plants to life is ABB Ability™ Smart Melt Shop. It facilitates operational excellence by combining real-time crane and ladle tracking, automatic and optimized crane scheduling and heat loss prediction. Benefits include raising casting speeds by 4-5 percent, 5 degrees Celcius less arcing per heat, reduced delays, less material rejection and increased human safety​.

As steel companies move from traditional blast furnace-basic oxygen furnace (BF-BOF) to more sustainable electric arc furnace (EAF) steelmaking, technologies such as ABB’s ArcSave® electromagnetic stirrer (EMS) can also be deployed in the melt shop to create equilibrium in the melt, enabling more steel to be made, faster and using fewer resources. In partnership with Tenova, this solution has been deployed on the world’s largest EAF, operated by customer Acciaieria Arvedi in Italy. The results include an 18 degrees Celcius lower tapping temperature, a 3.6 percent reduction in electrical energy consumption and a 38,000-ton annual reduction in CO₂e emissions at the plant. EAF productivity has also increased by 5 percent.

ABB Ability™ Energy Management System is a digital solution that provides monitoring and optimization of energy consumption and CO₂e footprint across the metals enterprise. Benefits of this solution include improved planning of operations and 5 to 15 percent energy cost savings in the entire plant.

Electrification is a key pathway to more sustainable metals manufacturing. Leveraging 100 years of metals process know how, ABB experts work together with customers to tailor drives and motors solutions to perform reliably and precisely according to the demands of each process. From primary steelmaking through rolling and processing, using ABB medium and low voltage drives and motors means more efficient energy use, cutting operating costs.

“Alongside some of the foremost steelmakers and aluminium producers in the world, we’re facing a reality that the industries consume large amounts of energy and are responsible for a large proportion of CO₂e and greenhouse gas emissions today,” said Frederik Esterhuizen, Global Business Line Manager, Metals, ABB Process Industries. “We’re enabling mills to take control of their processes and equipment to improve process efficiency, product quality and yield while maximizing resource and energy efficiency. In this way, we will help to limit climate change and create real progress for future generations.”

“Sustainability isn't an option; it’s an imperative for every business leader in our rapidly evolving world. To thrive and create a better future, we must embrace sustainability at the core of our operations,” said Rohit Sharma, Global HSE and Sustainability Manager, ABB Process Industries. “It’s not only about being responsible but also about staying competitive and resilient in an ever-changing global landscape. Our commitment to sustainability today will define our success and impact generations to come.”

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Source and images credit: ABB