Cosmobeauté Indonesia 2023

Cosmobeauté Indonesia 2023

Indonesia's beauty industry is not just a local sensation but a global phenomenon. With a growth rate of 7% in 2022, it stands as one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in the country. The nation's potential to produce high-quality beauty products that cater to global tastes and needs is immense. This growth is backed by Indonesia's vast market, driven by its massive population of over 270 million, making it the largest nation in Southeast Asia.


The increasing demand for beauty products among Indonesian consumers has led to a revenue of US$7.23BN in 2022 in the beauty market. Furthermore, this market is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.81% from 2022 to 2027.


Cosmobeauté Indonesia: The Epicenter of Beauty Trade


Cosmobeauté Indonesia is a testament to the country's commitment to the beauty industry. As a comprehensive platform for beauty trade professionals, it offers opportunities in various sectors, including Aesthetics, Beauty, Cosmetics, Hair, Nail, Spa, and Wellness. 


The 16th edition of this event is scheduled from 12th to 14th October 2023 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). This 2023 edition promises to be grander than ever with:

  • Over 220 exhibitors and top brands.
  • 15,000 local and international trade visitors.
  • Representation from over 15 countries worldwide.


Event Highlights:

  1. Makeup Competition: An exclusive event celebrating the artistry of makeup artists. It offers a platform for artists to showcase their skills and gain recognition in the industry.
  2. Barber Festival: Reflecting the growing trend of beauty products for men in Indonesia, this festival highlights the booming barbershop business. With increasing awareness about hairstyles among men, Cosmobeauté Indonesia promotes this growth by featuring educational workshops.
  3. Beauty Workshop: An opportunity for enthusiasts to enhance their skills. Hosted by beauty professionals, this workshop introduces new concepts and offers tips on global beauty trends.
  4. Beauty Seminar: An interactive session led by industry experts, providing insights into the latest products, innovations, and technologies.
  5. Beauté Meeting: An exclusive business matchmaking program successfully arranged 571 meetings with 132 buyers. Its success is attributed to the innovative business matching platform and the Quick Matching service, which offers recommendations to walk-in visitors.


For more details and to explore the vast world of Indonesia's beauty industry, visit Cosmobeauté Indonesia.