Flexlink - Technologically Advanced Transfer Platform

Flexlink - Technologically Advanced Transfer Platform

The model F2000 Edge Belt Conveyor is the flagship of the FlexLink product line. This base unit incorporates the overall design attributes of the entire product line. All conveyor units utilize a patented rail assembly that utilizes a dual motorized ESD safe belt system.

The width adjusts system uses a precision slide bearing assembly that delivers accurate positioning. The Edge Belt Conveyor offers a price competitive platform without compromising reliability and quality.

Model F2000 Edge Belt Conveyor

Standard features
• SMEMA compatible
• CE compliant with ESD safe design
• PLC controlled
• FlexLink's “extend-a-rail”
• Precision slide width adjust system
• “Open transfer” belt drive system

• Hand crank width adjust
• Programmable width adjust
• Non PLC version, speed control only
• Protective safety covers, both ESD and non ESD
• Operator inspect feature
• Available lengths from 250 mm (10") to 1500 mm (59") per drive section
• Available in multi-drive configurations from 1 to 6 sections
• Consult factory for additional options not listed

Technical characteristics
• Machine dimensions (L×W×H),
L mm × 591 mm × 948 mm (L" × 23" × 37")
L is configuration dependent)
• Machine weight: 65 kg (143 lbs.)
• Average cycle time: 5 s per belt section

Installation requirements
• Power: 100–240 V AC 50/60 Hz, 5 A
• Pneumatics: none required

Top view of width adjusts and rail design

Inside view of control cabinet


Courtesy of Flexlink